Sunday, August 31, 2008

funerary cherub

This morning, a lovely grey veiling rain is falling on Sydney. My home is a haven. Today I am drawing. It is the last day of Winter. This chap stands sentinel on a grave in Bubenreuth cemetery. I wonder what sky he is under today.

Friday, August 22, 2008

putting your whole life on eBay - some thoughts

The decision to put your whole life on eBay is not taken lightly. But once taken, a rush of energy and a sense of elation takes hold. Then there's the coughing as your burrowing dislodges years of dust.

When I say my whole life is on eBay, I might be exaggerating just slightly. But basically everything I own is coming under intense scrutiny, and 83% of it is up for sale. There are things I felt I could never part with, which now I can't wait to enshrine in bubble wrap and entrust to Australia Post.

(Whoever else is making money on eBay, the Post Office is creaming it.)

I now have CHOAS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) as there is stuff literally everywhere all over my apartment. Yes, Rev - literally. Me and my laptop and my tape measure and my scales crouch in a small clearing, surrounded by tottering piles. I sleep with clothing scattered all over the bed. (Don't you wish you knew my username so you could buy some of that stuff)

Everyone wants in. Somehow the idea excites or scares or challenges people. Although some are initially taken aback, now I'm a clearinghouse for friends' bits and bobs. Oh you should see the garments the Gucci Mama has given me to sell, with the swing tags twinkling in the light.

I wrap everything beautifully. I would say it is in my nature to do so, but also I think of the people receiving the items, and the pleasure they will get. More than that, I have realised I'm honouring my things, having a little moment with them before they are sent away. Because it's not that I don't like them.

Funny, the handful of things that gave me a real pang to list, I thought, okay if it doesn't sell, you can keep it. You know the tag of that story. They all sold.

I try to write lively & engaging descriptions. And I am scrupulous about indicating faults.

But describing is not easy. You may think, oh yes, this top is funky, I'll put funky. Then you find yourself holding up a top and staring at it for minutes at a time as you interrogate the question, "Is this top really 'funky'? Or not? Is it perhaps 'spunky'? If I call it 'groovy' is that a naughty fib?"

Here are some of my favourite describing words: fresh, suave, pretty, unusual, wild, stylish, elegant, cheeky, classic, soft, divine, unique, jazzy, snazzy, crisp, chic, fab.

Here are some of the colour names I used: asparagus, deep leaf, donkey, crimson, dirty brown, mushroom, oatmeal (trying very hard not to say 'beige'), french blue, powder blue, navy, peach, chocolate, grey marle, silver, black, deep black & true black.

And I'll be doing some "live" selling too. Schmoopy & I are having a stall at Rozelle Markets on Sunday. Come down & say hi.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

only these

Here is a small thing which drives me crazy with exasperation. Say you want a red 7 litre plastic bucket. You go to a hardware shop. You say "Do you have any red plastic buckets?" The sales persons say "No, only these" pointing to a stack of red 7 litre plastic buckets.

What is it with the "only these"? I have exactly what you are after, but I respond "No, only these".

I thought perhaps this was an Antipodean habit. But on my recent trip to the United States, I found myself in picturesque Pennsylvania. I have been wanting some old wooden children's blocks for a while, so when I spotted a charming bric-a-brac shop in Frenchtown, naturally I made moves to enquire. "Good morning", I began. "I wonder if you would have any old wooden children's blocks at all?". "No," replied the sweet silver-haired shop woman, "Only these".

Monday, August 11, 2008

my medal

Forget those pesky Olympics.

While many of you were sleeping, I did the 14 kilometre City 2 Surf, from lovely downtown Sydney to the sands of Bondi Beach.

Can you pick me out?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Christo in Paris

The French are just so bloody stylish, non?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

hair today

Now that I have finished my film role, I can cut my hair. I've had to let it grow all these months - a little thing called continuity. But I don't know what to do with it. Has any woman ever said "I don't know what to do with my hair" before this? I wonder.

When I was a girl, I had long red hair down to my bum. As a grown-up I've had - long hair, short hair, shoulder length, several bobs including one 'shattered', Flock-of-Seagulls hair, perms (both body & root), a number 3, an asymetrical razor cut, a shag, plaits, Culture Club hair, a mohawk, a Vidal Sassoon, ponies high & low, braided extensions, seldom a fringe, and never a Farrah, a Diana, or a Jennifer (but I am considering an Aggy.) My dos have included, but not been limited to, french rolls, bouffants, messy day tease mad-woman hair, serious backcombing, crimping, curlering and enough product to float Queen Mary (the queen, not the ship).

And by the way, when am I going to get my first white hair? Every other woman I know dyes their hair (except the Gucci Mama - her blonde hair is turning an elegant silver).

Is it that I have had every hairstyle in the known universe and there's nothing left to try?

What oh what am I going to do with my hair?